The Power of Emotional Intelligence in the Life of a Leader
Cheryl Meredith and Mark Heintzman

Emotional intelligence (EQ) has been shown to be 80% more important than IQ in determining if a leader will be effective. Come join us in a highly interactive session delving into the topic of EQ and questions like: How can we personally grow in self-awareness and Emotional Intelligence to become better and more effective leaders? What are some practical steps that will help us unleash the power of Emotional Intelligence in our lives?

Cheryl Meredith’s PhD is in Business, focused on Emotional Intelligence in Executive Leaders, but her friends consider her the Doctor of Fun. Her life motto is, "Party 'till they see Jesus!"

Mark Heintzman has his Masters degree in Interpersonal Communication and finds EQ fascinating. His favorite city in Slovenia (where he lived for 12 years) is pronounced "Ptooey" (and spelled "Ptuj").

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