Messy, Diverse, and One in Christ
Connally Gilliam, Sherry Jones, Dave Sasaki, and Armando Madrid

Is there a shared identity in Christ that is more powerful than whatever divides us? Is the Gospel real enough to help believers navigate the painful and often confusing tensions embedded in America’s racial history and current racial strife? We’re convinced God’s answer is YES. But how do we move into His YES in our own lives, relationships, and ministries? Join our diverse workshop team as we seek to “go there” together, messy but buttressed by our confidence that the Lord of the nations is praying for our oneness for the sake of His Kingdom.

Connally Gilliam serves with Nav Neighbors and loves speaking and writing, especially about living out our essential identity in Jesus Christ in an increasingly diverse and shifting culture. She also has a decent sense of humor but could think of nothing funny to write in this bio!

Sherry Jones is a preacher and a professor of Humanities and of Church and Community Ministry. She dreams of starring in a Broadway play and winning a Tony Award for her stellar performance.

Dave Sasaki serves with the Collegiate Navs at the University of California, Irvine. He was disappointed when his wife wouldn't let him name either of their children "Elway."

Armando Madrid has served with The Navigators over 28 years in Argentina, NavVida, and NCM. One of his dreams is to learn to play the accordion his mother left him.

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