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Tickets To Disney Parks

Discounted park tickets are available to attendees and their guests. Disney offers "after-2 p.m." and "after-4 p.m." options at a significant discount. The discount may not be available after you arrive for the conference, so purchase your tickets in advance.

Download this brochure for all the pricing options, then you may purchase your tickets online at our Navigator-specific Disney website.

May I Use My P-Card to Buy Theme Park Tickets?

The short answer is yes, you may buy tickets to the Disney theme parks and other local attractions with your p-card, but there are some guidelines.

  • You need to attend the theme park as a work team. “Entertainment” is an appropriate business expense, but the entertainment needs to be connected to your job. In this case, it would be building relationships with your co-workers. If two or more co-workers go to a theme park together, it can be considered business entertainment.
  • You may purchase a ticket for yourself and your spouse with your P-card, but not your children. If you include your children in the team activity, their expenses need to be covered separately.



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